Alister Henskens portrait
Alister Henskens portrait

NSW Government Funding to Upgrade Crown Lands Facilities in Ku-ring-gai

Sign with Map of Jubes Mountain Bike Park at Golden Jubilee

Member for Ku-ring-gai Alister Henskens SC MP has announced the NSW Government will deliver $27,500 funding to improve Crown land reserves and community facilities in the Ku-ring-gai area.

Mr Henskens said the funding is being provided by the NSW Government under its Crown Reserves Improvement Fund program and will be a great asset to the community.

“Crown reserves provide land for recreation, community organisations and facilities, and protect our environment including habitat for native plants and animals,” Mr Henskens said.

“We know how important these assets are to Ku-ring-gai which is why the NSW Government has granted $27,500 to upgrade the bike park at Golden Jubilee Field in North Wahroonga.

“Maintaining and enhancing our Crown reserves means residents have access to quality spaces for sports and fitness, or to just relax, rejuvenate and get in touch with nature and each other.”

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said Crown reserves play an important role in business, tourism, recreation, well-being and the biodiversity of the state which is why the NSW Government is delivering this funding.

“Crown land covers around 34 million hectares or 42 per cent of NSW and we have about 35,000 Crown reserves that accommodate parks, community halls, nature areas, showgrounds, sporting facilities, camping areas and walking tracks,” Mr Anderson said.

“They also provide support to community groups like Men’s Sheds, Police Citizens Youth Clubs, Surf Life Saving clubs Scouts and Girl Guides. These groups all do amazing work which is why it is so important the NSW Government continues to support them.

“These projects funded by the NSW Government will benefit many thousands of people and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of hundreds of communities with the potential to provide stimulus to local economies and create jobs.”