Alister Henskens portrait
Alister Henskens portrait

NSW Opposition to Introduce Bail Reform Legislation


The Government’s response to violence against women needs to be holistic and far broader than just bail reform, but bail reform now is an important start. 

The NSW Opposition will seek to introduce the Bail Amendment (Serious Personal Violence and Electronic Monitoring) Bill 2024 when Parliament resumes next week. 

Our legislation will amend the Bail Act 2013 to implement the NSW Liberals’ and Nationals’ proposals to strengthen bail laws: 

  • Expand the use of electronic monitoring devices to bail on serious domestic violence charges 
  • Expand the grounds for stopping the release of alleged offenders pending review of the decision to grant the person bail 
  • Remove the power for registrars to determine bail for serious personal violence charges where bail is opposed, given the widespread audio-visual capacity across our courthouses enabling magistrates to make orders from centralised locations if necessary. 

These measures will improve safety for victims of family and domestic violence. 

We invite the Government and the crossbench to act and to support our proposals. We wish to be constructive - we are more than willing to discuss and consider any amendments they suggest to our legislation and their own proposals.