Alister Henskens portrait
Alister Henskens portrait

NSW Opposition's Bail Proposals to Address Violence Against Women

Person in prison

The NSW Opposition proposes a suite of bail reform measures designed to address violence against women, improve protection for victims and survivors of domestic violence and enhance community safety. 

The Liberals and Nationals acknowledge the reviews announced by the NSW Labor Government last week. We also acknowledge that bail reform specifically, and criminal justice reform more generally, is just one part of a holistic, far broader women’s safety strategy. 

In the meantime, there are immediate commonsense amendments that can strengthen the Bail Act. 

The NSW Opposition proposes the following three-point initial bail reform response: 

  • Expanded use of electronic monitoring devices to bail on serious domestic violence charges 
  • Expanding grounds for staying the granting bail for serious personal violence charges 
  • Removal of the power for registrars to determine bail for serious personal violence charges where bail is opposed, given the widespread audio-visual capacity across our courthouses enabling magistrates to make orders from centralised locations if necessary.

The Opposition may support further changes after stakeholder consultation, community feedback and in response to the NSW Government’s reviews. 

We will consult on the initial three-point plan and on any other measures which are suggested to be appropriate.