Alister Henskens portrait
Alister Henskens portrait

Report Into Workplace Arrangements In the Point To Point Transport Industry

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The NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Transport and Infrastructure has today tabled its report into workplace arrangements in the point to point transport industry.

Committee Chair, Mr Alister Henskens SC MP said, “The point to point transport industry in NSW is in a period of transformation. Driven largely by technological disruption from ride sharing platforms, the industry is changing and the government needs to ensure that the regulatory environment stays up to date with such changes.”

Tasked with specifically inquiring into workplace issues within the industry, the Committee received evidence concerning unequal levels of regulation on some industry participants in NSW and renders regulation which does not happen anywhere else in Australia.

“Historically the NSW taxi industry has been heavily regulated,” the Chair said. “In the area of workplace arrangements, they currently have obligations which are not imposed on other industry participants and includes regulation which does not occur anywhere else in Australia.”

The Committee has recommended the Government consider addressing this inequity by amending industrial legislation in NSW.

“In making this recommendation, we are trying to encourage all participants to compete on an even playing field so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of competition without one type of competitor operating at a disadvantage,” the Chair said.

The Committee also recommended that the new Point to Point Transport Commissioner provide information to drivers on the services offered by the NSW Small Business Commissioner; and work with the NSW Centre for Road Safety to provide information to drivers on managing driver fatigue.

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