Monopoly Ku-ring-gai

Photo of Monopoly board
15 March 2018

Mr ALISTER HENSKENS ( Ku -ring-gai ) ( 16:25 :48 ): Very few people in this country over the age of 10 have not played, or at least are not aware of, the board game Monopoly. It is a game where players move around the board buying and trading properties, developing them with houses and hotels and collecting rent from their opponents with the ultimate goal of them being driven into bankruptcy. First published in the United States in 1935, today hundreds of different editions exist, having been licensed in more than 100 countries and printed in more than 35 languages. Therefore, I am excited to report that, on the initiative of Bendigo Community Bank Turramurra, Ku-ring-gai later this year will have its own edition. I understand that the streets on the board will be places of interest within Ku-ring-gai—surely my electorate office will not be overlooked—and customised tokens of the game's sponsors will be used. Monopoly Ku-ring-gai will not only be a tribute to the area; all of the proceeds of sale will be donated to local charities, including St Lucy's School at Wahroonga, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter, Lifeline Harbour to Hornsby and KYDS Youth Development Service. It is estimated that each will receive $15,000. The bank is also running a competition for photographers 18 years and under to choose the image or images to be in the centre of the board and on the box, so there is a great opportunity for schools and community groups to get involved before the launch of the game in September.